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We came to Yellingbo, 47 km from Melbourne, in early 2011 with 3 young children (the eldest had just started primary school, one in pre-school and the youngest just one year old), 2 dogs and 1 chicken. There was perimeter fence, a small dam and 3 fenced off conservation zones. We chose the land due to the northerly aspect and views to the Yarra Ranges.

The name ‘Lalirra’ was chosen for the property as it is an Aboriginal term for ‘sun’.

Our low energy, passive solar home was completed over the next few years along with the establishment of a vegetable garden, home orchard and extensive native garden.

Alpacas entered our lives in August 2012, with our first cria born in February the following year. The herd has slowly grown since then to be around 40+ alpacas. Cria (baby alpacas) are born in autumn and spring. We have a passion for grey animals but our herd consists of many colours, white, fawn, brown, grey and black. Alpacas are fascinating animals, full of personality and every animal is unique. As they have soft padded feet they are gentle on the land. They use communal dung piles and are gentle grazers.


In June 2013 our Highland Cattle arrived, 3 young females. Three months later we were very surprised to find a totally unexpected calf in the paddock! Since then we have had further calves by artificial insemination and by bull lease. We only keep a small fold (fold is the term for a herd of Highlands) of these magnificent animals. Highland cattle are a wonderful heritage breed, each animal with a distinct, smart personality and most absolutely love to be brushed.

Lalirra is situated in a unique and special area. Located adjacent to the Yellingbo Conservation Reserve, home to Victoria’s faunal emblem – the Leadbeater’s Possum, floral emblem – Epacris impressa (common heath) and the state emblem – the rare Helmeted Honeyeater. Wildlife is abundant, in particular kangaroos, echidnas and wombats. Over 75 species of birds have been recorded on the property.

We are privileged to live where we do and are committed to caring for the land around us with responsible farming techniques and everyday living.

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