Highland Cattle

Our Highland Cattle arrived in June, 2013. Three girls – Zelma (yellow) and Zena (red/brindle), both 19 months and Amy (yellow), 7 months.

To our surprise, Zena calved 3 months later, a red male, Bear. Even though she was a young mum, she was a perfect mother.

Three years later, Bear smashed a horn. Our vet recommended it to be removed. He healed well and it did not seem to bother him.

Growing Herd

We had the 3 girls artificially inseminated (AI) late-2014. Amy gave birth to Dash (yellow) in August 2015.

The next AI gave us Fern (yellow), born to Zelma on Christmas Day, 2017.


The next AI did not give us any calves. In December 2020, Zelma gave birth to Iszak, a yellow boy.


In December 2021 we leased a bull, Henry of Mac-Ladanae, a gorgeous dun colour, to run with our remaining two girls. He stayed with us for 10 weeks. October 2022 saw the arrival of two amazing female calves, both dun in colour, Katelyn to Zelma and Kelly to Fern.



A white highland bull, Rabbie Geal of Dun Airchill, ran with the two girls in February 2023. Two calves due December 2023.

Born late 2023, a further two yellow calves, both girls. Lily and Larissa, to Fern and Zelma respectively.

There are no highland cattle available for sale at this time